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    The stress of everyday life is so intense that many of us require periodic breaks from the routine to relax and rejuvenate. Statistics show that the number of people going on mini-holidays has increased in the last few years. However, booking a hotel room can be both expensive and cumbersome, not to mention restrictive.

    Lately, many people wishing to have a quiet retreat away from home have been investing in bungalows in Lonavala. More famous as ‘weekend homes’ and ‘row villas’; these retreats are a short drive from Pune and Mumbai. All you have to do is, pack away your bags and head to your weekend retreat and fetch in sufficient rest and relaxation in the beautiful environ.

    Such a property in Lonavala – row houses and bungalows - can also double up as retirement homes for those who wish to live peacefully and in a spacious bungalow. These properties in Lonavala are completely self-sufficient in every respect. They are also in close proximity to shopping centres, temples and markets. Thus, living in expansive bungalows in Lonavala is as close to idyllic living as it can get.

    If you wish to purchase property in Lonavala for your own weekend getaway, we suggest you take a look at the Puranik Builders’ Sayama, a 3 BHK and 4 BHK row villa project. We bet this property is all that you ever dreamed of. These villas in Lonavala are airy, fully automated and designed for the highest level of comfort. This makes the Puraniks’ Sayama a destination to be in.

    The project is located on the lush side of Lonavala, providing residents an unparalleled view of forests, valleys and distant mountains. Living in Puraniks Sayama is synonymous with luxury, relaxation and stunning landscapes. After all, what more does one want from a weekend home?