This is how Puranik city, Neral makes 19 Lakhs main sab kuch a reality!

This is how Puranik city, Neral makes 19 Lakhs main sab kuch a reality!

The thought of getting everything in 19 Lakhs! Yes, this is true, let us tell you how! Puranik City Neral is a part of a large township under construction in the city of Neral, offering you a plethora of amenities within the proposed 107-acre township. The number ’19’ become the hero because of the township surroundings that offer much more to the township residents than just a home.

As we all know, a community, structural hubs, and connectivity are factors that make any place a residential hub; and this is how this town of Neral becomes a perfect residential destination for you. Let us tell you a few facts about Neral as a location. For starters, Neral is a town known for its picture-perfect views, weather, and connectivity to Matheran, making it a perfect residential hub. This city keeps you connected to the urban lifestyle and nature. Flanked by the green views, it offers you a blissful retreat from the urban chaos. 

Another fact states that this township is a hub for residential buildings, as it is considered an affordable investment for 1 BHK in Neral & 2 BHK in Neral, amongst the various locations in the MMR region. City Neral is also well connected to other cities such as Mumbai and Pune. It is also well connected to NH4 and Badlapur, along with the beautiful hill station of Matheran, just 6 km away from the main town of Neral. It is also home to reputed schools and colleges, bringing in the much-needed educational benefit for the residents staying in the location. While these were a few facts about Neral as a location, let us now talk about the other factors that will lure you towards this town’s beauty and aesthetics. 

The beautiful town of Neral is surrounded by the lush hills of Matheran and is no more a mere transition to reach this hill station. The latest developments happening in the town bring in a pool of residents who want to stay here and make this their workcation. Imagine sitting on the couch and working while looking at the beautiful hills and natural beauty around you. A perfect way to spend your weekdays and make those weekend plans an immediate success. While you reside in the Best project in Neral, you will always be closer to nature and yet connected to the urban lifestyle. You will get to spend your time away from the hustle and bustle of city life and be part of the developing lifestyle here. 

At Puraniks City, the best township project in Neral, you come closer to the aesthetically beautiful and naturally green city that brings in a breath of fresh air even within your home. The amenities within the township are also thoughtfully designed to give you a lifestyle, digitally advanced and comfortable. This city and Puranik City Neral are perfect for anyone, whether you are a first-time home buyer, who is looking for a perfect home for themselves in the outskirts of Mumbai, closer to the city. It is also perfect for a person looking to invest in a home that is closer to business hubs, schools, hospitals, and retail stores that can give you the best return on investment in the future. A person wanting to make a second home close to the urban lifestyle, yet away from the chaos can also buy a home in this city; as this place is right for a person who would like to spend their second innings staying away while still connected to the city lifestyle. 

City Neral is ready to welcome you with open arms. The proposed 107-acre township of Puranik City, Neral brings everything to you, helping you build a complete lifestyle in this ever-growing and developing city of Neral in just 19 Lakhs. Here, you get access to internal amenities that open vistas to a new digital world and also bring you closer to a lifestyle outside this township at such an affordable price. So, come and experience the best in Neral while you stay in the digitally advanced and beautifully structured township of Puranik City Neral.

MahaRERA Reg. Puranik City Sector 1: P52000017996 | Puranik City Sector 2: P52000017954 | Puranik City Sector 3: P52000017953 | Puranik City Sector 4A: P52000017994

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