Employee health or employee mental health

Jul 5, 2021, 12:05 PM by Puranik Builders
Coronavirus pandemic has drawn a lot of uncertainties and challenges. As a result, many employees return to work greeted by pandemic-induced alterations that may impair their wellbeing and productivity

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of many in the real estate market. Employees are inundated with a surplus of concerns that pose a threat to their physical and mental wellbeing. The impact of virus spread has increased the risk of fatigue and to safeguard the health of employees, the concept of Work from Home was inculcated. Yet employee’s holistic health remains a grave concern for all organisations and most are willing to come up with aiding programs for the same.

A usual day for people working from home incorporates multiple video calls, a quick break to grab lunch, and then more video or conference calls that may go past normal working hours, all while multitasking amid house-related chores. This hassle has put an additional strain on workers' productivity. Moreover, uncertain employment, lack of physical contact with co-workers, and the unending fear of contracting the virus have made employees struggle more, maintaining work-life balance. They now take on more responsibilities, work for longer hours or more shifts, or have fewer days off to cope with the increased financial crisis.

These changes have made employees impede efficacy, which in turn, may blunt the overall corporation success. However, some measures can be adopted to avoid or minimize employee's health issues. They are as follows:


Effective Communication

Communication between employees plays a vital role in enhancing employee wellbeing during these times of social distancing. With some physical mutations made to curb contagion in the workplace, employees may find themselves working in isolated cubicles or partitioned workstations. This lack of physical interaction could blur the employee performance. Employers should consider creating peer groups or virtual platforms to allow employees to interact during break hours. Open communication channels should be undertaken to ensure employees receive information on all key issues.

From variations in work-pace to the future of their employment, employers should provide details to workers on all facets of their work. Furthermore, employers should clearly define tasks and assignments with realistic deadlines that factor in workers’ new work plans.


Redesigning the workspace

Employees are concerned about the risk of getting infected in the workplace, and impaired workplace changes would rev up employee stress levels and hinder productivity. Therefore, employers should remodel the workplace to meet this need for workplace safety. Open workspaces should be divided to enable employees to work in single workspaces or separate workstations by at least 2 meters. Also, supervisors should provide hand washing and sanitizing equipment at strategic locations in the office space.


Emphasizing a flexible work schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided that not everyone has to be in the office at all times to be productive. Employers may offer hybrid work schedules for employees to reduce their contact with other people. Also, employers may need to revise work schedules, including starting/finishing times and enough days off between shifts.

Remember, the workforce shortage may lead to employees handling more tasks. Henceforth, employers should redistribute the work assignments taking into consideration their capacities and strengths. Work tasks should be distributed to ensure employees deal with only a proper amount of work per time. Further, supervisors should ensure they provide the right tools, technology, and resources for employees to accomplish these tasks.


Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic has drawn a lot of uncertainties and challenges. As a result, many employees return to work greeted by pandemic-induced alterations that may impair their wellbeing and productivity. Even as the pandemic shows no end in sight, real estate developers such as Puraniks have taken the effective plan and the initiatives for adequate health support of employees during this pandemic period by providing Mediclaim and Vaccination for employees and their dependents so that they remain not only highly productive and efficient but also healthy and happy.