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Shifting Paradigms at Work

We, at Puranik Builders, are offering excellent work opportunities and development for people coming from different backgrounds. We have always strived to bring innovation and have space for constant improvement. Our work culture is absolutely pure, healthy and we practice constant innovation, reciprocate respect.

We have a thorough understanding of respect at all levels, at Puranik Builders.

Why Puranik Builders ?

Being in the pioneer list of Property Developers, we ensure that we are able to offer our employees a performance-driven and active work environment; a culture that is categorized into ethical conduct and commitments to the industries that we may serve. Our employee programs and company projects distinguish us from others in our industry and in commercial enterprise. We emphasize and nurture a deep dedication to the personnel at Puranik Builders Properties and make easy functioning of the organizational model that propels achievement for us and for every of our personnel as well.

We consider that the people-associated expenses now represent the majority of overall company costs and it's only for the best interest of the leading companies to include the need for managing their human capital. Our long history of effective employee practices with fine and nurturing surroundings afford the business enterprise with a set of ideas, approaches, and agendas that propagate our company image.

Learning & Development

We as an organization of real estate developers consider humans are one of the most important assets, which makes employee improvement a non-stop endeavor. For a future geared-up workforce, we focus on well-timed competency-based tests to work out custom-designed development plans.We are prepared for succession planning to make sure business continuity and a skills pipeline.All the new members of the Puranik Builders family go through compulsory cross-functional training, to recognize the inter-dependencies in their roles. We provide various MDPs from the most excellent B-schools to broaden and nurture the first line in command employees and enterprise leaders.

We go beyond the limits for learning & rganizational improvement and provide personalized education to our own employees in terms of personal and professional development. Alongside the macro necessities, we additionally take care of micro skillsets like fundamental managerial abilities, customer awareness, and ensuring the high quality of our product.

Competency Building

The HR team at Puranik Builders Properties strives to analyze and improve the competency levels in all the employees by implementing the strongest of work practices.

Talent Management

With expertise control, the HR group targets to focus on sourcing, developing, and nurturing skills of individuals that would prove beneficial to personal development and ultimately lead to organizational growth.

Talent Management

Informative Workshops

We have privileged data workshops that cover topics about the industry, the management at Puraniks, live case studies, internal presentations, and news.

Informative Workshops

Mentor Workshop

Our mentoring workshops, conducted by senior management, are aimed at stimulating thought cycles, developing team spirit, and promoting innovation.

Mentor Workshop

Recognition & Benefits

Our remunerations are continually at par with industry standards. which is why we do it exceptionally well in relation to incentivizing overall performance.Our open-door policy prompts us to be transparent in all our dealings and transactions; accordingly promoting trust within our people. Our appraisal device allows each person to evaluate his/her very own key duties and their contributions.

We encourage our people to be their personal judges, and measure their personal weaknesses and strengths so that they can realize how to limit their blockages and enhance their true potential.

Recognition & Benefits

HR Culture

Puranik Builders have constantly been within the vanguard of real estate activities and so we recognize the value of maintaining a skilled team of professionals. We're committed to supplying extraordinarily conducive and growth-oriented surroundings which aid in growing world-class professionals with influential careers.

At Puranik Builders, we recognize the value of team building, integrity, determination, and commitment towards work. This is why we've embraced a policy of "Learning through Doing", which inspires decision making as well as learning on the task by practically accomplishing responsibilities.

Team Building

Work Culture

Studies say that Employees spend the main portion of their day at the job and as a result, Puranik Builders strives to offer them with a memorable working experience.

‘Fun at Work’ is a fantastic initiative at Puraniks which is meant for the employees to loosen up, recreate and rejuvenate. This initiative of employee Engagement activities is indeed proving fruitful as our employees garner adequate moments to cherish even whilst at work.

Current Opening

Puranik Builders offers an innovative, motivating, and tough work subculture, in an environment that is conducive to private and professional improvement. We follow an equal opportunity hiring ethic that emphasizes professional integrity and excellence.

In case you share the passion, commitment to excellence, and choice to build something exquisite, we would want to invite you to sign up for our group.

Check out these job openings with Puranik Builders Properties

Executive /Sr. Executive/ Asst. Manager/Manager–Sales

Mumbai/Full Time

Senior Manager - Sales

Mumbai/Full Time

Executive Assistant to Director

Mumbai/Full Time

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