Redefining the work paradigm

Puraniks offer an excellent work opportunity and growth environment to individuals from varied backgrounds. Our endeavor for constant improvement has led to the implementation of innovative people practices. The work culture at Puraniks is extremely healthy with constant innovation, reciprocal respect and a thorough understanding of responsibility across all levels.


Why Puraniks?

Puraniks employees are offered a dynamic, performance-driven work environment and a corporate culture that is characterized by ethical conduct and commitment to the industries we serve. Our employee programs and corporate initiatives distinguish us from others in our industry and in business. We emphasize and nurture a deep commitment for the employees at Puraniks and ensure smooth functioning of our organizational model that propels success for us and for each of our employees as well.

Puraniks believe that the people-related costs now constitute the majority of total corporate expenditures and it is in the best interest of the leading firms to embrace the need for managing their human capital. Our long history of effective employee practices with a positive and nurturing environment provides the company with a set of beliefs, approaches and agenda that propagate as our company image.

Learning & Development

We as an organization believe people are one of the most important assets and employee development is thus continuous endeavour. For a future ready work force, we focus on timely competency based assessments to work out customized development plans. Also to ensure business continuity and talent pipe line we are well prepared on succession planning. All the new members of Puraniks family undergo compulsory cross functional training, to understand the inter-dependencies in their roles. We offer various MDPs from premier B-schools to develop and nurture the first line in command employees and business leaders. We go beyond the boundaries for Learning & Organizational Development and offer personal coach to our family members in terms of personal and professional development. Alongside the macro requirements, we also take care of micro skillsets like basic managerial skills, customer focus and quality of our product.

Competency Building

The HR team at Puraniks strives to analyse and improve the competency levels in all the employees by implementing strongest of work practices.

Talent Management

With talent management, the HR team aims to focus on sourcing, developing and nurturing talents of individuals that would prove beneficial to individual and company growth, in the long run.

Informative Workshops

We have privileged information workshops that cover topics about the industry, the management at Puraniks, live case studies, internal presentations and news.

Mentor Workshops

Our mentoring workshops, conducted by senior management, are aimed at stimulating thought cycles, developing team spirit and promoting innovation.

Recognition & Benefits

Our remunerations are always at par with industry standards. And when it comes to incentivising performance, we do it best. Our open door policy prompts us to be transparent in all our dealings and transactions thus promoting trust within our people. Our appraisal system allows each individual to assess his/her own key responsibility areas and contribution in each. We encourage our people to be their own judge, to measure their own weaknesses and strengths so they by default know how to minimize their weakness and enhance their strengths.


HR Culture

Puraniks has always been in the forefront of real estate activities and so we know the value of retaining a skilled team of professionals. We are committed to providing a highly conducive and growth oriented environment which aids in developing world class professionals with an excellent career. At Puraniks, we understand the value of team building, integrity, dedication and commitment towards work. That is why we have embraced a policy of "Learning by Doing", which encourages decision making as well as learning on the job by practically accomplishing tasks.

Fun @ Puraniks

  • GudiPadwa

    Gudi Padwa

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    Gudi Padwa

  • Diwali


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  • CheckUp

    Employee Health Check up

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    Employee Health Check up

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    Safety Day

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    Safety Day

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    Women's Day

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    Women's Day celebration 2017

  • NationalSafety

    National Safety Week Celebration 2017

Employees spend a major portion of their day on the job and hence Puraniks strives to provide them with a memorable working experience. ‘Fun at work’ is an extraordinary initiative at Puraniks which is meant for the employees to relax, recreate and rejuvenate. This initiative of Employee Engagement Activities is indeed proving fruitful as our employees garner ample moments to cherish even while at work.

Current Openings

Puraniks provides an innovative, motivating and challenging work culture, in an environment that is conducive to personal and professional development. We follow an equal opportunities hiring ethic that emphasizes on professional integrity and excellence.If you share the enthusiasm, commitment to excellence and desire to build something great, we'd like to invite you to join our team.

  • Executive Assistant to Director

    Thane / Full-Time
  • Senior Manager- Sales

    Thane / Full-Time
  • Executive /Sr. Executive/ Asst. Manager/Manager–Sales

    Thane / Full-Time

Currently there are no opening.